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Visa Problems Or Refused Applications

Level 1 Visa Problems or refused applications slider 1Visa applications may sometimes be rejected or existing visas cancelled for a variety of reasons. In such an event you have the right to have the decision reviewed and also to know the reasons behind the cancellation or rejection of your visa or application. Auslegal Immigration can help you decide the best course of action and inform you of how to exercise your rights in such an event.

An applicant will have two types of review available to them: merits review and judicial review. Both are different and have separate grounds for review. Merits review usually occurs in the Migration Review Tribunal, in the Administrative Appeals Tribunal and through the Minister for Immigration. Judicial review takes place in the Federal Court and the Federal Magistrates Court. We can guide you through the review process and bring forward the necessary proceedings for any claims as well as represent you before the mentioned bodies and provide legal advice.

Call us at + 61 2 9875 4534 or send us an email at info@auslegal.com.au now for an assessment of your situation. Delaying in some cases may harm prospects of overturning a decision by the Department of Immigration to refuse an application or revoke a visa.