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Retirement Visas

Level 2 Retirement visasInvestor Retirement Visa Subclass 405

This visa is for those seeking to retire in Australia and who are also looking to make a long term financial investment in Australia. Your retirement must also be wholly self-funded, be over the age of 55, have no dependents and meet income and asset criteria. An Australian state or territory government agency must sponsor your application. This is a temporary visa.

Retirement Visa Subclass 410

This visa is for those looking to retire in Australia. Applicants do not require sponsorship from a state or territory and do not need to demonstrate their net assets however they must be self-funded. This is a temporary visa and is restricted to former or current retirement visa holders or those whose partners are former or current retirement visa holders.

Even if you do not meet the criteria you may be eligible for a different visa or may be able to demonstrate circumstances that will grant you an exemption from certain requirements. To determine your eligibility for a retirement visa take our free online assessment.