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Parent Visas

Level 2 Parent visasParent visa Subclass 103

This visa grants a parent the right to live in Australia should their child be a citizen or resident of Australia or settled citizen of New Zealand Parent Refugee. The parent must have their application appropriately sponsored by their child who is over 18 or by their guardian or carer and also the majority of the parent’s children must live in Australia in accordance with the balance of family test. The parent does not need to meet any English skill requirements and they have the right to work and study in Australia. This is a permanent visa.

There are a number of different parent visa subclasses dependent on a given situation including Aged Parent (Residence) visas, Contributory Parent (Migrant) visas and Contributory Aged Parent (Residence) visas. These visas differ in cost of application and also in processing times and may be temporary or permanent. In some cases it will be more appropriate to apply for one of these visas rather than a Parent visa Subclass 103.
Even if you do not meet the criteria you may be eligible for a different visa or may be able to demonstrate circumstances that will grant you an exemption from certain requirements. To determine your eligibility or to find out the best visa to apply for take our free online assessment.